Travellers have once again parked up on Cannon Hill Common, according to local reports.

At least three caravans are believed to have parked up at about 11pm yesterday evening, (June 12).

A similar-sized party has recently been seen in Nonsuch Park, in Cheam, but it is not known whether it is the same group.

It is not the first time caravans have appeared on the common. In 2014, travellers were kicked off Cannon Hill Common by police and council officers, only to park up down the road in Morden Park.

Councillors and residents have been calling on the council for years to do more to secure the site, as heavy logs installed in 2012 have done little to block access to the area.

Merton Police say local officers have been made aware and will be working with Merton Council to rectify the situation.

A spokesperson for the council said: "We are working with the police to clear the area as soon as possible."

FROM SEPTEMBER 4 2012: Caravans pitch up at Cannon Hill Common

FROM OCTOBER 3 2014: Travellers sidestep council deterrent and set up illegal camp on Cannon Hill Common

FROM OCTOBER 6 2014: Council orders caravans off Cannon Hill Common - only for travellers to pitch up in Morden Park