An event organiser turned airbrush artist is smelling success after creating what is believed to be the world’s first scented tattoo.

Julie Proctor, 49, from Wimbledon, has run the Strawberry Studio for four years creating airbrushed temporary tattoos. for guests at functions, parties and corporate events.

Her creations have already been requested at an Alice Cooper concert at Battersea Power Station and the launch of The Hunger Games film website – and has now attracted fashion and perfume icons Paco Rabanne.

Ms Proctor said: “I was an artist and did face painting professionally and was doing photo shoots and it just stemmed from there.

“The tattoo was a little bit new and different and I discovered it was becoming much bigger in the logo and corporate world.”

Using custom-made stencils, Mrs Proctor is able to create any tattoo for her customers, from corporate logos to graphic designs.

Her newest creation, believed to be the first scented tattoo, will be launched at an event hosted by Paco Rabanne next month.

She said: “One day I just thought I could do it.

“I didn’t know if it had been done before but I just thought there must be a way of doing it so I put some perfume into the ink and that was it – it just worked.

“Perfume does have essential oils, which don’t mix well with the ink I use, and some have too much oil so it doesn’t work. But Paco Rabanne doesn’t tend to have so much oil in it so it works really well.”

A graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Mrs Proctor works full time at a team building and events company, but could soon go full-time as a tattoo artist.

She said: “It’s picking up so much that I’m on the edge of doing it full time because I have had so many enquiries.”

The temporary tattoos last up to 10 days and can be removed instantly with surgical spirit.

Mrs Proctor has been invited to launch her scented tattoo at a Paco Rabanne event in Liverpool on June 2.

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