Jesse Nixon cleared of manslaughter

A man accused of killing another driver in a road rage attack was driving an escort between clients, a court heard yesterday.

Jesse Nixon, 27, is on trial for manslaughter after Anthony Young, 40, of West Norwood, died of severe brain injuries in Trinity Road, Wandsworth.

Kingston Crown Court heard yesterday, April 19, that an argument broke out when Nixon, of Meadow Way, Hertfordshire, slammed into the back of Mr Young’s gold Nissan Micra on October 22, 2010.

It is alleged an angry Nixon got out of his blue Ford Fiesta and punched Mr Young in the face, at about 11.30pm.

Mr Young fell into the busy road as a car was passing, which ran over his head and left the 40-year-old with fatal head injuries.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and took him to St George’s Hospital, Tooting, but he died several hours afterwards.

Jurors were told police have still not been able to find the driver of the speeding car.

Oana Satmar, a passenger in Nixon’s car, said in her police statement he was a sweet and friendly man.

The court heard she was working as an escort at the time and Nixon was driving her between clients.

Giving evidence through an interpreter, she said she was unable to see the whole confrontation, but saw Nixon punch the other man in the face.

She said: "I called the agency whilst I was in the car and they sent me another driver to collect me and take me home.

"I waited for two hours until the other driver came to collect, at some point half an hour, it started raining. It was very cold.

"I saw Jesse on the telephone. I am not sure, five minutes at the most, I was very scared.

"I saw a man lying on the ground, I didn’t see him move. There were two or three cars travelling in the opposite direction."

Mr Stephen Kamlish, defending Mr Nixon, put it to her that: "The other gentleman pushed Jesse first. He stumbled backwards and the other gentleman came towards Jesse, which was when Jesse punched him."

Ms Satmar said: "Jesse stumbled back and that was when the other gentleman moved towards him, I don’t know. I didn’t see him stumble before he punched him in the face."

Matthew Henson, who saw the scene from his flat in Trinity Road, Wandsworth, said he could hear the men arguing from his kitchen window.

He said: "I saw just the one man walking. He looked angry and went over to the car.

"The driver of the blue car walked over and threw a punch at the driver of the gold car. I saw the punch and don’t remember it hitting.

"I saw the driver of the gold car on the floor. His head was in the same direction where the cars were breaking, it looked like blood was around his head."

Mr Nixon denies manslaughter. The trial continues.