Sutton police have arranged extra patrols at schools after an incident in Worcester Park is investigated by officers looking into an alleged child abduction attempt.

The increased police presence at primary schools in and near Worcester Park been ordered in the wake of three suspicious incidents outside schools in Kingston, one an alleged child abduction, in Tolworth on Monday.

The latest incident, made public by police yesterday, took place outside a primary school in Worcester Park on Monday at about 3.15pm.

A man was seen on a push bike weaving in and out of cars in the public car park at the front of the school, which has not yet been identified by officers.

The person who reported the incident shouted at the man and he rode away.

He was described as white, in his 20s, and wearing a woolly hat.

A young boy was allegedly grabbed by a man outside Knollmead Primary School, Tolworth, on the same Monday at about 9.10am but he struggled free.

The suspect was also described as wearing a woolly hat and was described as in his mid 20s, with a tan, wearing a black jumper with a blue shirt underneath, black trousers.

He was accompanied by a slim, white woman, with long black hair in a red hooded top and trousers.

Officers have also released information about an earlier incident at Grand Avenue Primary School on Thursday, May 17, where a man and woman are alleged to have approached a girl while she was getting water from a fountain.

The Worcester Park incident is being investigated by the same team and a link to the first two incidents has not been ruled out at this time.

A Sutton police spokesman said: "Officers in Sutton are working closely with our colleagues at Kingston who are conducting vigorous enquiries into three reports of incidents near schools - one of them in Worcester Park.

"We treat all such reports extremely seriously and have arranged extra patrols and an increased police presence outside local schools.

"We would urge parents and members of the public that if they see anyone acting suspiciously, they should call police immediately on 999."

Sutton neighbourhood Inspector Colion Baker has emailed all primary school headteachers informing them about the investigation in Kingston, stating there was no intelligence to suggest any suspects could be operating near Sutton schools.


Police guard schools amid abduction scare