A motorist could have been given Sutton's fastest parking ticket after being fined after spending just nineteen seconds parked illegally.

It took parking enforcement officers in CCTV cars less time than world record holder Usain Bolt takes to run 200m to catch out this woman on Green Wrythe Lane, Sutton.

Lorraine Brown pulled onto the drop kerb outside her sisters house, as she always does, on January 5.

The pair had been out shopping and Ms Brown wanted to say a quick goodbye to her sister before returning to her house on Culvers Avenue, Sutton.

As the traffic was busy, Ms Brown decided against parking up on the street and instead let her sister out and rejoined the traffic.

From pulling up to driving away, clocks on the CCTV car cameras show 19 seconds - working out at nearly £3 a second.

The £55 parking parking ticket arrived on Ms Brown's doorstep a week later.

She said: " I thought, what the heck is this? I haven't parked anywhere illegally? There were no road markings?"

Ms Brown was shocked to find that it was as a result of dropping her sister off.

"This is ridiculous, I wasn't even parked. Its a very busy road, and there is absolutely no-way you could park there, you would have some very angry buses behind you."

Ms Brown has appealed the decision, which has initially been refused. If she can not argue her case to the satisfaction of Sutton Council, she could be hit with a £110 fine.

She said: "Its a good job we don't have a natter like we usually do when we say bye, we can be sat there a while. Oops, should I say that?"

Councillor Simon Wales, Transport spokesman for Sutton Council, said: “This isn’t about the length of time Mrs Brown stopped for - Green Wrythe Lane is a very busy road and pulling up onto the pavement like this is dangerous.

“Sutton Council takes a firm but fair approach to parking, and we issue one of the lowest numbers of parking tickets in London.

“In this case, there was a clearly marked parking bay further along the road which Mrs Brown could have used.”