A planning application to build an Islamic prayer and community centre in the heart of Rosehill has been submitted to Sutton Council.

The plans for the centre, which could be housed in the Edwardian building where Wrythe Lane’s Little Angel’s children’s clothing shop was located, would maintain the site’s current design.

It would, however, mean significant renovations would take place to transform the interior to include a prayer space and classrooms.

If approved the worship space will offer Muslims an area where they can pray regularly each week and for important dates in the Islamic calendar, such as Eid.

Ahmad Zaki of Planning Appeals Practice, the applicant, suggested open days would be held, which would be designed to bring people with different beliefs together to talk about their differences.

The application also outlines plans to provide English classes for immigrant families and CV writing workshops with the aim to ‘foster long-term community cohesion’.

Documents proposed that up 20 to 30 students would access the centre’s facilities every weekend and that a limited number of staff would maintain services.

It read: “There will be a caretaker staff member who will be a full-time worker, ensuring the property is kept clean, safe and available at times of prayer and events.

“There will be an imam, one who leads the prayers, at times of every prayer. Other staff include teachers and activity organisers who will be working part time, usually at times of events and classes.”

The consultation period for comments on the planning application ends June 2.

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