A forthcoming exhibition at the Rose Theatre in Kingston will tell stories from the Transylvanian village of Csekefalva.

Documentary photographer Alex Sturrock has teamed up with charity Heart for Romania to create a photo essay about the village, entitled The Hill, to be shown from September 20 to November 15.

During several visits, cameras were also shared around the village, resulting in different styles of image and a wide variety of subjects, including ecstatic images of playing children as well as intimate moments between family members.

Mr Sturrock works a lot with travelling communities in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, and in the UK among migrants.

Heart for Romania has been working in this area of Transylvania since the overthrow and execution of Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, beginning work in 1989 when people from the Cobham and Leatherhead area went over to help during the ensuing period of instability.

Bob Phillips, one of the exhibition’s organisers, said: “The aim of the exhibition is to see this community from the inside. The conditions are extremely tough, and you could definitely say the residents are deprived. But what the photographs show is home.”

Admission to the exhibition will be free. For more information visit rosetheatrekingston.org or call 020 8174 0090, or visit the Box Office.