A teenage model from Worcester Park stars on the front cover of British Vogue with Kate Moss the same month that she gets her A Level results.

Nora Attal, 18, was among her peers at Ewell Castle School to find out the results of her A levels two weeks after the September issue of the leading fashion magazine hit the stands.

Swapping her ‘last ever’ school day to shoot the cover Nora was ‘amazed’ at one of the best opportunities she has had since her modelling career took off at the age of 14.

Nora said: “The shoot was really cool - you don’t really feel how big it is though until the feedback comes back and I knew another girl who was on the cover too so it was more like meeting up with old friends.

“Now it’s out and I walk past a cover with someone they are like 'hey that person looks like you' and I am like 'you're right' but then they always find out.

“It’s like when I’m shopping and I find myself on a billboard in Zara, which was shot by the legendary Steven Meisel”.

Already staring on the cover of the New York Times with Jamie Hawkesworth and doing fashion shoots for Burberry and Hugo Boss, the Vogue cover was the model’s first chance to star next to one of the UK’s most famous supermodels.

“Kate Moss, I don’t know how to describe her she’s sweet and bubbly and I guess very down to earth,” added the cover star.

“Even though she is older than me she was like still on my level if that makes sense.”

As requests picked up in Nora’s second year of sixth form she had to find a way to balance a busy modelling schedule with school work and revision.

The Vogue star said: “I’m with the most wonderful agency - Viva London and was travelling to places like Paris, Milan and Germany and walking for shows like Dior, Fendi and Prada - all whilst doing my A levels in Psychology, History and Art.

“But as the modelling requests really picked up it actually started to get difficult to balance with my school work.

“I would miss days to do shoots and then have to catch up later and I was studying whilst travelling so it did get quite hectic over the last year.”

Despite not being thrilled with her results Nora still got the grades needed to secure her place at Greenwich University to study Criminology in September 2018.

"I am going to give modelling a go for the year as I have deferred my place at uni but I will definitely be going next year and I think when I am there I will be more excited about it,” added the teenage model.

A good all-rounder, the Vogue star played on the senior hockey and netball A-team for school and jumped the second furthest in borough in long jump.

Her dad, Charlie Attal, of Morningside road in Worcester Park, said he is ‘very proud’ of his daughter and how she handles her modelling career, school work and life.

He said: “I know that she puts education primary and I am pleased with her results because I know she did her best and she still got into university.

“She works hard and doesn’t complain – I have heard back that she has great work ethics and always gives 100% to what she is doing.

“I’d prefer her to get education under her belt but if she wants she go with and does succeed in modelling that’s great but then she has a plan B and an education.”