A drug lord who had his 69-year-old father-in-law act as his main drug runner has been jailed for 15 years.

Scott Anthony Linegar, of Lower Green Gardens, Worcester Park, ran a network of drug operations across north Surrey and the south east for at least two years.

Stun guns disguised as a mobile phone were used by Linegar and his crew to police his business and enforce drug-related debts.

Alan Oldfield, Linegar's father-in-law from Spreighton Road in West Molesey, worked as the main runner for the operation and performed most of the dirty work for his son-in-law.

These included collection, transportation, storage, preparation and onward distribution of drugs and deals with everything concerning the criminal proceeds.

Police believe Linegar and Oldfield thought that nobody would ever suspect a 69-year-old man to be involved in something like this and therefore would be the "perfect front".

Linegar lived in a detached privately rented house, living a life of luxury including spending more than £68k in two years on holidays and travel.

In fact Linegar had even gone so far as to claim benefits from Elmbridge Council claiming he had no capital and low income, and was handed a suspended sentence for this in April 2016.

At least £500k worth of drugs passed through the gang in two-year conspiracy period.

On April 20 uniformed officers stopped Oldfield in his car in Hampton and he was arrested having admitted to having a block of cocaine underneath his seat. Later that day Linegar was arrested in Banstead.

Oldfield’s address was searched and a number of bags of cannabis were found, as well as bags of MDMA, a stun gun concealed inside a mobile phone box, scales, and a dealer’s list.

Three other people also connected to Linegar's drug ring were arrested shortly afterwards and they were all sentenced at Kingston Crown Court yesterday, July 26.

Linegar was jailed for 15 years for conspiracy to supply cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, and converting criminal property, between January 1 2015 and April 21, 2017. Oldfield was jailed for 7 years for the same charges.

Brett Anthony Hilton, 43, of Windermere Road, Lightwater, was the main cocaine supply line for Linegar and Oldfield.

He was jailed for 5 and a half years for conspiracy to supply cocaine and possessing criminal property.

Mark Foster, 54, Plough Road, Smallfield, was their main cannabis supply line. He was jailed for 8 months suspended for 18 months and a 4 month curfew order for conspiracy to supply cannabis and possessing criminal property.

Darren Mitten, 39, of Bailiff Street, Northampton, received a 4 month jail sentence suspended for 12 months and a 3 month curfew order for possessing criminal property and conspiracy to supply cannabis.

Head of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit Detective Inspector Gareth Hicks said: “Scott Linegar was the head of this group who have been responsible for dealing drugs on a wholesale level across north Surrey and the south east.

“Dismantling this group is a huge result for us and the public of Surrey as they were at the top of the pyramid as far as distributing through their networks was concerned.

"Taking them out of the market dries up a supply chain through at least three of four levels before it would have got onto the streets, where ultimately the greatest harm occurs.

“Linegar is the man who orchestrated the whole organisation, and through possession of a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone, to intimidate others as he saw fit in order to further his criminal business interests and enforce drug related debts.

"He profited the most through this enterprise and as far as his recent history goes not had a legitimate job.

"He lived in a detached privately rented house, living a life of luxury including spending more than £68k in two years on holidays and travel.

"We believe that the cash transactions through his account are the tip of the iceberg and we will be pursuing him and the others through the Proceeds of Crime Act.

“Oldfield, as Linegar’s father-in-law was the main runner involved in this conspiracy, doing all the dirty work on his behalf.

"At 69-years-old he and Linegar probably thought the police wouldn’t ever think someone of his age would be involved in something like this and as such would be beyond suspicion and the perfect front.”