Hot cross buns are being given away free in all Morrisons stores today to encourage kindness at Easter.

There is no minimum spend and no catch, the buns are completely free for anyone who goes into store.

The initiative, dubbed the Giving Bun, comes after research revealed 54 per cent of people say life is too busy to get to know their neighbours.

In response, Morrisons is producing the Giving Bun to encourage customers to give a free bun away as an act of kindness.

Martin Clayton, senior bakery manager at Morrisons, said: “Easter is a time to share and celebrate with family and friends.

“We wanted to do something to help our customers make someone’s day, which is why we’re giving away free hand-made hot cross buns in our stores and asking customers to pass them on.” 

Morrisons is set to bake a record 330,000 hot cross buns across their stores and making up over a fifth of all buns sold in the UK.

Buns are limited to one per customer.