A total of 83 firearms and 1,175 rounds of ammunition were handed in "no questions asked" during the Met’s one-week gun surrender.

The Met’s Give Up Your Gun Campaign, which experienced a 34 per cent rise in hand-ins compared to the last campaign, ran from February 6 to 11 with the aim of reducing gun crime in the capital.

During that time, people could safely get rid of firearms, imitation weapons or ammunition by handing them in to a police station without having to give their details.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jim Stokley, of the Met’s Trident and Area Crime Command, said: "We had a fantastic response to the gun surrender and, as a result, some extremely deadly weapons have been taken off the streets of London.

"Trident officers will continue their work to reduce gun crime in the capital and anyone who is found in possession of an illegal firearm will be arrested and face at least five years in jail."

Although people handing in weapons did not have to give their details, everything handed in will be forensically tested for evidence to see if they are linked to a crime.

The guns handed in included 22 live firearms, an AK47 rifle and a pump-action shotgun.

The total weapons surrendered was 13 pistols, eight shotguns, one AK47, 40 air weapons/BB guns and 21 imitation guns.

During a two week firearm surrender which took place November 2015, 10 live firing weapons were handed in, along with 37 air weapons, 17 imitation weapons and 1,270 rounds of ammunition.