The iconic red phone box (K2) is becoming extinct as a new wave of modernised replacements arrive in London.

Following the recent 90-year anniversary of K2 appearing on London streets, New World Payphones are giving the iconic equipment “21st Century Makeover”.

The new payphones, black and open in design with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, are sweeping through London.

In a statement, New World Payphones said: "While the traditional red phone boxes have always retained a degree of charm, more modern models – via ageing as well as vandalism – have become something of an eyesore on Britain's high streets."

For every new payphone built, NWP will "declutter the streets" by getting rid of a red one.

In partnership with Trees for Cities, the company will also plant a tree per payphone erected.

Lord Sugar has put his stamp of approval on the new phone boxes.

He said: "Along with the likes of red buses, Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben, the inner-city phone box has been synonymous with Britain's cultural heritage since their introduction nearly one hundred years ago.

It is therefore fitting that Amscreen – a British company – have been charged with manufacturing the re-modelling of this classic design icon. 

"I am confident that our digital signage expertise, combined with the vision of New World Payphones and the high grade technology provided by Virgin Media, has helped create a new entry into our national phone box collection and one that could become as iconic as the famous K2 design."