A teenager whose animated films have seen him grace a US film festival has been commissioned to produce a tribute to the top ten movie moments of all time - in Lego.

BRIT school pupil Harry Bossert, Sidney Road, Walton-on-Thames began creating his stock-motion films using LEGO figures aged 12, and at 17 has more than 80 to his name.

When his version of musician Parry Gripp’s Megaphone was shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2011, his skills caught the eye of the toy makers who approached him about producing a tribute to the most memorable moments on the silver screen.

He said: "They approached me with what they wanted, recreating the top ten movie moments.

"We discussed whether to do it straight or as a parody and opted for parody, which was actually harder because I had to come up with ten jokes as well."

The tem clips include The ET flying bicycle moment, Patrick Swayze with Demi Moore in Ghost, and then again in Dirty Dancing, Indianna Jones’ narrow escape from the rolling boulder and Gene Kelly just singing in the rain.

Harry said: "it shows I need to watch more film, I think I’d actually only seen one."

Given a strict deadline to complete before the Oscars, Harry produced the sets and filmed the three minute clip in his bedroom and since being placed on Youtube has already attracted thousands of views.

He said: "This one took about 20 hours or so. With school work as well, I was up every night sometimes past midnight getting it done. It was hard work but I’m really pleased with the result.

Studying Theatre at the Croydon based- school Harry, who hopes to move into animation as a full-time career has already experienced the big time.

Creating a Lego version of Parry Gripp’s Megaphone, he was contacted by the artist who invited him to come to the Santa Barbara Film Festival to see it screened, paving the way to his latest commission.

He said: "Making these films is really important to me, ad this commission is an amazing opportunity. This is my first step to developing a real career. This is a really big deal and the first thing I would be able to put on my CV, alongside the festival appearance, to show my credentials."