After a day of celebrations and commiserations, thousands of young people in Lambeth are looking forward to university after being given their A level results.

These are the results which have been given to us by schools and colleges in and around Streatham.

Streatham and Clapham High School (24 students):

A*-A: 46%

A*-B: 81%

A*-C: 96%

A*-E: 100%

Headmaster, Dr Millan Sachania, said: "I am delighted by our splendid A level results this year, which are a testament to the hard work of our students and teaching staff."

Dunraven School (90 students)

A*-B: 57%

A*-C: 83%

A*-E: 98%

Principal, David Boyle, said: "I’m delighted for the students of course because of the ones who wanted to go to university got to do so. It’s a brilliant outcome for their hard work."

Norwood School:

A*-A: 28%

A*-B: 40%

A*-C: 68%

A*-E: 100%

Simon Evans, exams officer, said: "This is the first time we have had a whole cohort going through. Overall we are very pleased."

Lambeth College

A*-E: 92%.

Principal, and Chief Executive, Mark Silverman said: "These results are a tribute not only to our hard working students but also to their families, tutors and support teams who provide them with continual help and guidance."

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