A pioneering trio are looking ahead to a bright future with the continued success of their Stop and Search phone app.

Aaron Sonson, 25, Gregory Paxczowski, 21 and Satwant Singh Kenth, 27, designed the free app after getting a grant, and launched it in 2010 on the Android and Blackberry mobile phone markets.

The app is designed so people can share their stop and search stories, see where other people have been stopped and searched by police and shows information about the correct procedures when a stop and search is carried out.

The group, who invented the app on the Apps for Good Programme, created it to help defuse tensions between the police and those who are stopped and searched.

With thousands of people downloading it on the Android and now Blackberry formats, the inventors are now looking ahead to expanding even further.

Mr Sonson, originally from Tulse Hill, said: "Once we launched our app on Android, our main aim was to get it on to the Blackberry phone which is what a lot of young people use at the moment "We have had over 2,500 downloads since we launched it on Blackberry a couple of months ago and we are now finishing an IPhone version, as well as re-launching it on Android."

"Hopefully in the future we will branch out internationally as the same problems are happening in America as well. It is a big issue."

Mr Sonson said it was good to have such an overwhelming reaction to the app. He said: "It has been really positive from all sides.

"We thought the police wouldn’t like it as it puts more power at the hand of the community but they have been really receptive to it.

"We have been contacted by people at the Met and they even offered us funding.

"But due to the nature of the app and the fact it is a community thing, we rejected the offer as we didn’t want to jeopardise the independent feel of the app."