The number of vacancies within the borough's Safer Neighbour Teams (SNT) has sparked concern among residents.

There are currently four vacancies in the Tooting SNT and two in Furzedown team, after Police Community Support Officers have left to train as police constables.

The empty positions have resulted in concerns over the lack of police visibility and a fear burglaries will increase.

Chief Inspector Charlotte Taylor of Safer Neighbourhoods Wandsworth said: "In February, a number of PCSO's left the Bbrough to start their training to become PCs.

"This has reduced the number of PCSO's on the borough and across the MPS as a whole. As a result, an MPS-wide PCSO campaign is underway to recruit over 400 new PCSO's into the organisation.

"In the short term, a review has been conducted across the borough, to ensure each ward abstraction across all wards is fair.

"The situation is monitored closely and flexing of staff across the SNT's is used when necessary."

Councillor Leonie Cooper, who represents Furzedown said: "It is a great concern and worry to local councillors to have four vacancies in the Tooting Safer Neighbourhood Team and two in the Furzedown team.

"Local people have already noticed that patrolling officers are less visible, and have been asking us what is going on?

"We can only hope that burglaries and robberies don't start to rise again."