Last week we asked if you had ever been so hungry for a take-away that you couldn't park your van properly?

This came after Surrey Police spotted an "outrageous" parking job on a roundabout outside a KFC restaurant in Caterham.

We then asked if you had seen worse - and it looks as though bad parking jobs come in all shapes and sizes.

Jacqui Stringer sent us a photo (above) of a parking job in Kenley that had to be seen to be believed.

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"I got stuck here for 30 minutes when I dropped my children off to karate," she said.

"Went in all the shops and pub and hit the horn several times in hope the driver who had blocked me in would appear.

"It looks like a big space behind but there wasn’t as there was a bus stop and signpost and I was unable to reverse.

"The guy finally arrived and I asked if he was for real and he just got in and drove off. I wouldn’t of minded but the were a few spaces in front of the van."

What do you think? Is this the worst piece of parking you've seen? Send your parking nightmare pictures to: