An exclusive club night for young people with disabilities had its first event at a pub in Epsom.

Organiser Karen Sampson said she started the event after witnessing three young men with Autism and Tourette’s being turned away from nightclubs on the street.

She said: “As I enjoy going out I felt it was very sad they could not continue their evening dancing the night away, as we others take for granted.

Along with DJ Eddie, Mick and Rebecca Prescott from The Albion, Mrs Samson organised the very first Vision club night in the Albion’s ‘Stables’ function room.

Mrs Sampson said: “It was good fun and the DJ was amazing; he let people play songs from their own Spotify even though he had his own set list. A good time was had by all and long may that continue.”

Mrs Sampson is now planning a Christmas party on Friday December 15 and another night on February 16.