One in every 69 people in Wandsworth are homeless, according to housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

In total, 4,590 people are either in temporary accommodation or are deemed to be in rough sleeping conditions.

That means Wandsworth has the 21st most amount of homeless people in all of England.

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said homelessness was a nationwide issue.

“All councils in London are experiencing an increase in cases, although it is worth pointing out that the figures provided by Shelter are not people sleeping rough on the streets of Wandsworth, but essentially people residing in temporary accommodation and with a roof over their heads while a permanent home is found for them," he said.

The figures provided by Shelter do include those living in temporary accommodation and people who are rough sleeping.

In Wandsworth, 4,590 are currently living in temporary accommodation while five are rough sleeping.

“In Wandsworth the council has approved a wide ranging package of measures, including buying and building new homes so we can ensure that people in genuine need receive help and support and can be offered permanent homes close to the areas they grew up in," the council spokesman said.

"We are also increasing the supply of affordable homes with 3,000 built over the past decade, another 1,700 due to be completed within the next three years and a target of 18,000 over the coming decade.”

Chief executive of Shelter, Polly Neate said thousands were stuck trying to "escape the devastating trap of homelessness," pointing to "decades of failure" on building affordable homes and the effects of recent welfare cuts.

"Some will have spent the night shivering on a cold pavement, others crammed into a dingy, hostel room with their children," she said.

"And what is worse, many are simply unaccounted for."