New government figures show the progress made by secondary school pupils in Kingston and Elmbridge.

This “Progress 8” score reflects the difference between the results SATs taken in year nine and results from GCSEs and other key stage four qualifications.

It takes into account up to eight qualifications, with greater weight placed on English and maths results because of their importance.

The top-scoring school in the area was The Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston, which achieved 1.22.

Ian Keary, headteacher of The Tiffin Girls’ School said: “We are very pleased with today’s provisional performance outcomes. It is always a combined effort from students, staff and parents that, together, can deliver such impressive results, although this is only one facet of an all-round education.

“Like all schools in the borough, we all work incredibly hard for our student body and today is a wonderful day to recognise the progress of all students and highlight the dedication and positive impact of teachers across our borough.”

Scores of 0.5 and above reflect well above average progress, roughly in the top 12 per cent; above zero but below 0.5 is above average, in the top 30 per cent; around zero is average, in the top 70 per cent.

Schools with a score under zero might still have shown improvements; it just shows they made less progress than most other schools in the country.

Here is a breakdown of how schools in the area ranked.

1. The Tiffin Girls’ School: 1.22

2. The Holy Cross School: 0.85

3. Tiffin School: 0.79

4. Richard Challoner School: 0.64

5. Coombe Girls’ School: 0.63

6. Hinchley Wood School: 0.6

7. Tolworth Girls’ School and Sixth Form: 0.33

8. The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre: 0.28

9. Chessington Community College: 0.01

10. Coombe Boys’ School: -0.02

11. Esher Church of England High School: -0.18

12. Southborough High School: -0.19

13. Three Rivers Academy: -0.48