A Canadian-themed pop-up market is coming to Croydon.

This Sunday, Little Canada will be making an appearance at the Surrey Street Market.

One of the Little Canada organisers, Mark Sultana said: “When people talk about street food they usually think about south east Asia.

"But the Canadian’s are just as good at eating out, so you can tuck into some brilliant hot waffles and maple syrup or try a plate of Poutine – one of Canada’s national delicacies. As for drinks, we’ve a range of specialist cocktails as well as a few beers that will be familiar to Canadians but that are still relatively unknown over here. Sleemans Honey Brown and Railside Session Ale are just two that beer aficionados will love.”

The stalls will feature everything from waffles to poutine with a Michael Bublé tribute artist on hand as well.

“Sunday 17 September is a great chance to experience some real Canadian culture and the theme is very much about the strong relationship that exists between Britain and Canada," Mr Sultana said.

"The vintage posters tell the story of our joint histories’ – and it’s free to come along, so everyone’s welcome.”