The plan to build a 1200 student school in Addiscombe has taken a step forward.

Just two weeks after Croydon Council heard of plans to demolish the existing buildings at Rees House, Morland Lodge and 6 Morland Road, a full planning application was submitted.

Part of the plan includes a rooftop open air basketball court, which can be rented out during evenings and weekends.

With six forms of entry, the school would operate between the core hours of 7:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday and would accommodate 900 secondary school pupils and 300 sixth form students.

The school would also employ roughly 100 staff.

If the application is approved, it's anticipated the main works would start in April 2018. The school would then intend on opening in September 2019 and be fully by occupied by 2025.

At a meeting on June 22, members of the public were invited to an event that heard their concerns and comments in regard to the school's construction.

"Too near a residential area - parking cars is already a big problem - site is too small for a secondary school," one person said.

"Lack of space around an elderly residential area," another said.

Residents will have until Tuesday, August 15 to comment on the proposal.