Did you lose a pet rat near Streatham police station?

It is about four inches long with piebald fur.

Jill Collier, of Gleneldon Road, discovered the rat in her garden and is caring for it at home after All Pets pet shop on Amesbury Avenue lent her a cage.

She said: "I first thought it was a hamster. But when it didn't run away as I got closer I became convinced it was used to people. I only realised it was a rat when I saw its tail."

Mrs Cooper, who is considering naming the rat "Houdini", after the famous escape artist, said the rat likes to run up her arm but doesn't bite.

Claimants must provide a full description of the rat to prove they are the owners.

Is this your rat? Call 020 8722 6392 or email digitalmedia@london.newsquest.co.uk.