Croydon Council has announced it is resigning from the Museums Association (MA) following a row over selling off its prize ceramics.

The decision follows the MA’s ethics committee ruling that the council should face disciplinary action for deciding to sell 24 Chinese ceramics from its Riesco Collection.

The council learnt it was to be invited to a disciplinary hearing through the media, after the MA published the announcement on its website.

It said that the council had breached the MA’s code of ethics, before giving the council the opportunity to present its case at the hearing.

The council said it had never previously received funding from the MA and will still be able to continue providing a museum service despite resigning its membership.

No longer having membership will mean the council no longer receives a copy of the Museums Journal or discounts at conferences and training events.

Councillor Tim Pollard, cabinet member for children, families and learning, said: "Sadly it appears the Museums Association has already made up its mind that the council should face disciplinary action.

"Therefore it appears attending any hearing to explain the council’s position would be futile."