A 16-year-old girl with future plans become a lawyer has said she hopes her pageant experience will help young girls to “gain body confidence and spread body positivity”.

Staines upon Thames is home to many talented individuals - including one teenager, Kavya Desai, who has bagged a spot at the grand finale of Miss Teen Great Britain 2022.

Kavya, who is currently studying her GCSE’S in Slough, has beaten off competition from across England, Scotland, and Wales to be named as one of the finalists at the prestige show.

Miss Teen Great Britain is a pageant competition where no previous experience is necessary and aims to “empower” young teens across the UK.

Organisers said the event is to “celebrate everything positive about being a teenager” whilst having the opportunity to make new friends and “incredible” memories.

Kavya is one of few who will be taking part in the grand finale, which is to be held in Blackpool on October 16, 2022.

Your Local Guardian: Kavya Desai (images: Mrs Desai)Kavya Desai (images: Mrs Desai)

Kavya told Your Local Guardian: “This is my first pageant; I am very excited and feel lucky to have been selected as one of the finalists.

“I’m so ecstatic for the finale – I never really expected to get this far.”

“This is going to be a lifetime experience for me.”

The 16 year-old says she would love to pursue her career in Law and influence society positively -specifically within the “unjust” legal system.

Kavya says she is hoping the pageant will build her “confidence and presentation skills” as she is wanting to combine her talents with knowledge to help pursue her dream career and influence society.

Kavya added: “I’d also love to use my experience to help other girls to gain self-confidence and spread body positivity.

“I am compassionate and caring because that allows me to connect to people on a deeper level.

“I want other young ladies to believe that beauty comes in all different forms and abiding to beauty standards won’t make you happier mentally especially because beauty standards differ from country to country and change time to time.”

Your Local Guardian: Kavya Desai (images: Mrs Desai)Kavya Desai (images: Mrs Desai)

The adolescent teen says her inspiration and role model is Taylor Swift, as she believes the American popstar “doesn’t allow criticism to stop her from achieving her goals”.

She explained: “I’d love to mirror Taylor’s actions in my own life.

“Taylor has helped society by financial power - such as donations to charities.

“She also has a social power to influence to spread awareness on mental health, sexual assault and gender equality through her music and social media.”

Kavya says she originally applied to the Miss Teen Great Britain pageant show because her friend recommended it and she thought it “would be fun”.

Kavya said: “At the finale, I think there is a walk and I’ll have to wear something I feel comfortable in - probably a dress.

“After this, I think they will also ask questions – kind of like an interview.

“I am proud to represent my hometown Staines Upon Thames and win the crown.”

Your Local Guardian also spoke with Kavya’s mum, Mrs Desai, who says she sees the pageant to be an extra curriculum activity where her daughter can “build her own confidence”.

Mrs Desai said: “Because Kavya is academically very strong, I initially thought she may become distracted.

“But she does a lot of public speaking and is amazing at it, so I thought her potential is way bigger than just the academic side.

“I think she is encouraging other girls to be their own self –whether they’re black or white, short, or tall.

“It can mean a lot to young girls of today and I know this industry is good for Kavya because can be present and be herself.”