Young Enterprise is a not-for-profit business and enterprise education charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1962. Its aim is to help young people learn about business, and Young Enterprise's mission statement is "to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise." Its guiding principle is to do this through 'learning by doing.' It works with various schools across the country and in our local borough works specifically with year 12 students.

Sutton High School is one of the schools working with this charity, hoping to enlighten business skills into the students in year 12. In Sutton High, there are two groups taking on two different business ideas with a common target audience: the teenage students of Sutton High School. Marianna Spring, a year 12 student in Sutton High, is in one of the two groups. Her group is called Scentimental Candles. Their aim is to provide their customers with small cute decorative scented candles. I managed to interview her and this is what she said when asked how her group came up with the idea of Scentimental candles: “Well we intended to focus on something that had a cute style as our target market would largely be the girls at school and after being put off stationary products as we felt them too ordinary, we then decided on candles with a coloured flame however after much experimenting from operations. It seemed this was impossible. So after all our research we stuck to our candle idea but opted for unusual cute candles, as candles targeted the Christmas market and we'd had positive feedback about candles when we'd asked fellow pupils, parents and teachers”.

Marianna continued by describing the different roles in the group, emphasizing how serious this project is to them: “Managing director runs the team, co-ordinating the departments and ultimately making the final decisions. Operations source the product and largely have to deal with ordering it all etc and making choices. Marketing are in charge of the design and presentation of the products as well as matters like advertising etc. Sales are in charge of the sale of the Product, organising trade fairs and sales opportunities. And finance are in charge of dealing with the money, calculating expenditure, profit etc”

Although taking on a business project seems difficult Marianna assured me that it was quite simple to actually source and order the products to sell: “We just browsed the Internet and sourced them from various online locations, particularly small sellers who had made the candles themselves “. Also, she praised the charity and how it helped her: “it improves my working as a team and my insight into business”

With years of experience and a long list of students who benefited from the charity, Enterprise is a very successful charity helping young people understand the world of business better. So if you’re in the local borough and go to a local school- look out for it!