An affiliate of Reclaim These Streets will stage a protest in Sutton this weekend to "honour and remember" the women killed by violence since the death of Sarah Everard.

A spokesperson for Reclaim Sutton Streets said that the protest would be held on Saturday (November 27) on Sutton High Street from 10.45am.

The protest coincides with the global 16 Days campaign which seeks to tackle violence against women by promoting awareness raising and activism against male violence worldwide.

A White Ribbon Pledge — a similar campaign designed to target male violence by working with men and boys — held by Sutton Council was supported by the group at the Sutton Sound Lounge and St Nicholas Centre on Thursday.

Reclaim Sutton Streets said Saturday's protest would be a ‘Say her Name’ event acknowledging those women and girls killed by violence since Sarah Everard's death earlier this year.

The group said it would hold a procession from Asda, at the bottom of Sutton High Street, to Trinity Square with people holding placards with the names of the women killed since Sarah Everard.

"We will have two local speakers and a spoken word artist asking 'Why?'" Chair of Reclaim Sutton Streets Sarah McGuinness said.

"At least 129 women have been killed by male vigil this year so far and yet we hardly know their names. We do know that there are three women a week murdered by men and yet they don’t get news coverage. "Our belief is that as a society we seem to value women less if they know their attacker, because as a society we think they must have done something to deserve it. We hope to shine a light on these women and call for an end to male violence against women," she added.

Sarah Everard was kidnapped, raped killed by a serving Met Police officer who has since been jailed earlier this year.

Her death sparked a wave of protests challenging male violence against women in the UK by various groups including Reclaim These Streets.