A father said he was left "humiliated" in front of his two-year-old daughter after he was allegedly accused of stealing from a supermarket.

Joshua Nelson, of Carshalton, said he was wrongly accused of theft at Lidl in Wallington last month on July 12.

He said he was searched in front of his daughter before his items were taken away by staff at the shop.

Lidl have since apologised and put the incident down to a ‘misunderstanding’ but Mr Nelson says he is yet to receive a refund.

Your Local Guardian: Josh NelsonJosh Nelson

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, he said: “Lidl refuses to give me my shopping back which came to 32 quid and also took 2 bottles of water from me which had been purchased at Tesco’s.

“I hadn't stolen anything and proved this as I was searched publicly in front of everyone and my daughter who I am a single stay at home father to.

“I have my Lidl receipt, credit card bill, Tesco’s receipts, names of staff, communication with head office where they accept, they wrongly have my belongings in Wallington.

“I have since communicated with head office who told me to go back for my items or a refund and said it was a confusion. I have resisted as I didn't want to go back.

“[ I have] a mental block. I'm so embarrassed and angry. It's so unfair that I came out looking bad.

“If I stole, I'd be in trouble but they stole my Tesco’s water and my 32 quid.

"I'm just so shocked they can totally humiliate me and get away with it in front of my daughter.

“It made me feel totally helpless and like no one cares.

“[ I was] so angry I was crying. Ever since it's been on my mind and made me question how people view me.”

Your Local Guardian: Lidl Lidl

Mr Nelson finally plucked “the courage” to return to the store and get his refund on July 30, but says he was refused a refund despite promises from head office.

A spokesperson for Lidl said that there had been some confusion and that Mr Nelson left his shopping behind after he was approached in store. 

 “We are sorry to hear of this matter as it is never our intention for a customer to have a disappointing experience instore," a Lidl spokesperson said. 

“Once this was raised with Customer Services, an investigation was immediately undertaken by our regional management team who confirmed that as a result of a misunderstanding the customer had unfortunately left their shopping behind in our store.

“Our team are in direct contact with the customer to resolve the issue either through a full refund or the return of their shopping.”