Residents living on a road in Sutton say they have been forgotten about after a hole was dug up for highways maintenance and left without work for months.

Neighbours on Collingwood Road were left to look at an "eyesore" after the hole was dug up on April 20.

They said that their complaints about the "hazard" had fallen on deaf ears and said they were left confused about the repairs.

Sutton Council have since issued an apology for the disruption and said that the delay was due to a "long-running dispute" with Thames Water.

Thames Water said that the hole was dug by the council for highways maintenance, which is when they found the problem with the SES Water pipe in the Thames Water sewer.

A spokesperson for Thames Water commented: "We're working closely with SES Water and the local authority to resolve an issue with a clean water pipe which was found running through one of our sewers."

A council spokesperson said: “We are really sorry that residents in Collingwood Road have had to put up with this disruption due to a long-running dispute with Thames Water about the sewer.

"Sutton Council has been in regular contact with the water company about this issue to find a solution.

“The excavation works have been completed and the hole in the road filled in.

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"This will allow the water companies to complete their sewer works as soon as possible following a camera survey by them last Friday that revealed damage by the Sutton and East Surrey Water company.

"SESW will now repair the damage to the sewer before Thames Water return to remove the blockage in Collingwood Road."

A spokesperson from SES Water commented: “We are sorry for the disruption caused to residents in Collingwood Road and are working on a plan to repair the damaged sewer as soon as possible, so that Thames Water is able to remove the blockage.”