Residents living in Pollards Hill Estate have slammed their housing association for implementing new bins stores which they say have "made the estate worse".

Mitcham residents claim they were not properly consulted by Moat Housing about the new bins system - which will see 43 new bin stores across the estate.

Moat has been given planning permission to build bin stores in car parks next to the housing blocks - replacing the ones which were stored in alcoves at the sides of buildings.

Since building work has started, a number of residents have came forward to share their concerns to Wimbledon Times.

Residents on Huntingdon Close said the bins haven't been put up but spaces have been blocked off for around two weeks.

Your Local Guardian: 'People have got so fed up that they've taken them down themselves' 'People have got so fed up that they've taken them down themselves'

One resident said: "The car parking situation was difficult anyway and now they’ve come and taken away more spaces creating a bigger problem of people parking dangerously which is a hazard, especially as there are several young kids on the close.

"There has been no progress. They took people's individual bins and then gave them back to the wrong house numbers."

Jacqueline on Glamorgan Close said that the housing association no longer cares about its residents.

"How is there enough bins when each close has 100 properties and a lot of the houses have multiple occupancy thanks to them selling off the houses that are rented out as rooms? Some of those houses have six to eight people living in them," she said.

The estate is clearly over populated and bins need to be emptied more than once a week.

"Moat should be paying us to live in this s*** hole."

Several residents on Shropshire Close said they were not consulted about the bins and have since noticed an increase in flytipping.

Your Local Guardian: Shropshire Close Shropshire Close

Roads which will receive the new bin stores include; Kent Close, Huntingdon Close, Monmouth Close, Lindsey Close, Glamorgan Close, Radnor Close, Cheshire Close, Montgomery Close, Caernarvon Close, Shropshire Close, Brecon Close and Berkshire Close.

But residents who are not on the list say that the bins will still affect the overall area.

"Surely this is going to encourage rodents and foxes to cause even more trouble than they already do," said Louise from Yorkshire Road.

"I'm finding it very hard to believe that they would want to cause this estate such awful harm."

A spokesperson from Moat said: “In response to Merton Council’s waste strategy, we have continuously consulted and communicated with all residents of Pollards Hill Estate about the bin store installation, at every stage of planning.

"We understand that building work can be inconvenient, so we are carrying out the work in phases to minimise disruption to our residents’ lives.

"To make sure that parking is not affected for long periods of time, we have already launched new parking spaces in some of our earlier phases, and residents will see an overall increase of over 40 parking bays across the estate.

"Unlike the open, freestanding bins previously in use, the new bins are housed in enclosed units to deter foxes and rodents.

"We are disappointed to see that some of the new bins are being incorrectly used, creating an untidy environment.

"We will continue to work with Merton Council and our partners to tackle fly-tipping and to communicate with residents on correct and responsible use of the bins.”

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Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Local Environment and Green Spaces, Councillor Natasha Irons, said: "These bin stores are larger than the previous communal bins and are designed to contain more rubbish, reducing the amount of litter that ends up being blown across the estate.

"The new bins will make recycling and rubbish collection services more efficient for people living on the estate.

“We know that most people take pride in their neighbourhood and dispose of their waste responsibly. However, a small minority persist in leaving black bags of rubbish next to a bin, which is fly-tipping – an environmental offence which could result in a large fine or a criminal conviction.

"Council officers have met with representatives from Moat to see what further support can be provided in preventing abuse of the new scheme and to take enforcement action against fly-tippers.”