It has been nearly a year since Daisy from Sutton reached a milestone with her disability in her national fundraiser for the NHS.

Superstar Daisy Briggs, 4, shot to fame during her daily rainbow walk- which raised over £22,000 for staff on the frontline.

As previously reported, Daisy's parents was told the chances of their daughter walking were near to impossible due to her spinal condition, Spina Bifida.

Three years later, Daisy defied all odds and coincidentally learnt to walk 25 metres unaided during her fundraiser.

Following her efforts, Daisy was selected by the FA to be their final member of England's Lionhearts squad and was also featured in a River Island campaign.

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In line with Disability Awareness Week ( June 14 - June 20), we spoke to Daisy's mother Rea Briggs, to see what they've been up to since the fundraiser.

"Since Daisy’s Lionhearts announcement earlier this year, she is still a huge football fan," said Rea.

"She continues to attend Little Kickers football classes each week, which she thoroughly enjoys. Unfortunately, she has not been able to attend an England game yet due to covid. 

"She’s also been asked to attend a Crystal Palace match as their guest - which she will absolutely love.

"For now, she’s enjoying watching the euros and cheering England on from home."

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Speaking about Daisy's progress with her disability, Rea added: "She continues her daily walks and is doing really well with her mobility.

"She spent 10-weeks earlier this year in a cast on her leg to try to straighten her foot but has done really well since the cast came off and is regaining the mobility, she worked so hard to get to before the cast.

"She works so hard at physio sessions and we’re so proud of her - she has the best team behind her, and we feel incredibly lucky to have gained support from them all."

Rea added: "Unfortunately, she’s suffered a couple of seizures this year and has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy alongside her other disabilities.

"She’s adjusting to her new medications and we’re hopeful the seizures will be under control soon. She’s still pre-verbal but has her own ways of communicating and doesn’t let us forget who’s in charge with her cheeky personality.

Your Local Guardian: Daisy Briggs Daisy Briggs

"Despite her disabilities and struggles, she’s the happiest little girl who we are so proud of. She continues to amaze us every day and I feel so incredibly lucky to be her mummy. She’s never without a smile and is my ultimate hero."

During her fundraiser, Daisy donned a different colour of the rainbow for 64-days until the campaign was complete.

"We can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since Daisy’s fundraiser for NHS charities came to an end," said Rea.

"We still today have people stop us and say hello who recognise Daisy from her fundraiser last year.

"Thank you again to everyone who supported Daisy’s fundraiser and donated. We are so grateful for all the support."