I never thought I’d be saying this, but, in this instance Winston McKenzie was partly correct, but, it’s not Croydon that’s a dump but South Norwood.

I have lived South Norwood most of my life and it’s truly heartbreaking to see how far the area has gone down.

The abundance of rubbish, fly-tipping, roads in disrepair. How many chicken shops/Caribbean take-aways/hairdressers/barbers do we really need here.

I drive through the neighbouring area of Addiscombe and it’s lovely with clean well maintained streets, lot of independent shops, so I go there to shop which is so wrong as I should feel happy to shop in my part of Croydon Borough that is South Norwood but unfortunately I don’t and I’m not alone feeling like this.

From the High Street going upwards past Harris Academy is really well kept, but coming down into the Portland Road side and the area’s so rundown with businesses that have been there for 30 years leaving the area as trade was so low. 

The People for Portland Road do a fantastic job but they have a major fight on their hands. The residents pay council tax, shop rates etc. like most residents in Croydon so why are we being left behind and forgotten?

When Labour were in last time we were forgotten, the Conservatives were no different; now Labour are back are we to believe it’ll be any different.

Carole Hall, via email