I was walking down Central Road Worcester Park, this morning with my husband and when we were standing outside Iceland, there were 6 youths aged about 18 years old, absolutely speeding down the pavement weaving in and out of pedestrians, they almost knocked me over, actually catching my arm, and several other people were almost knocked down as well.

If we had been knocked down, they were going at such a speed that we would have been badly hurt and if it had been a child it could have been even more serious as it could have been killed, I shouted at them but was ignored, then they were weaving in and out of the traffic before returning to the pavement, they disappeared past Midas Touch so I couldn't see where they went.

We reported it to the police as did several other people, but were told there was nothing they could do as they had gone by this time and even if they caught them they could only give them a warning as cyclists are not insured so you don't get anywhere. Something MUST be done about adults riding on pavements as there is certainly going to be a nasty accident one day.

I am writing this as a warning to people to be aware of these boys, they were actually quite smartly dressed in shirts and trousers,(not yobs) I have never seen them before so an unaware where they have come from.

From a Worcester Park shopper.