As someone who’s always voted Labour, I’m furious that they’ve chosen Andrew Pelling as one of their council candidates for my area.

He’s the original Tory boy - private school, Oxbridge, job in the City, Tory councillor, Tory MP.

He’s only joined Labour because he’s fallen out with the Tories (who decided they didn’t want anything to do with him when he was accused of assaulting his wife) and then got soundly beaten when he tried to stand as an Independent.

Now he says he’s had a road to Damascus conversion and he’s Labour through and through.

Pull the other one Andrew, it’s got bells on it. You’ve switched sides twice in the last few years. 

Who’s to say you won’t do it again if you fall out with Labour?

I’ll be voting for Robert Canning and Joy Prince but there’s no way I’m voting for Pelling. I reckon many Labour voters will feel the same.

Steve Brooks; Waddon

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