Roke is the third primary school in a row to be taken over by Harris against the will of the majority of parents.

Why Harris, when all three would have preferred another sponsor ?

So far, only one Harris primary school has had comparative DfE Level 4 English/Maths results with the predecessor school - and these went DOWN by 29%  -  Harris 61% -  Predecessor school  90%  !!

As the school had 64% the previous year, and asked Harris to take them over, this appalling deterioration of results cannot be blamed on parental opposition upheaval. Nearly a year and a half after Harris took over, the current Ofsted report has  'Requires Improvement' (3), for  'Achievement of Pupils',  'Quality of Teaching'  AND  'Leadership and Management' !

So how can Michael Gove and DfE justify forcibly taking over any primary school by Harris Federation with these results?

A good question !

Valerie Hunter,
South Croydon