Whilst making my way home on the bus one day, minding my own business, I overheard a conversation between a group of girls on feminism and if it is still relevant. As a keen arguer, or ‘debater’ as I prefer to call it, I began to brainstorm a few ideas to make the time pass, for both sides, however I soon found myself deep in thought about the interesting matter.

No. Now perhaps I jumped to this conclusion a little early on, not liking the idea or willing to believe, that feminism is still so present in our society, after all, the bra-burning sisterhoods and brave women who flung themselves under the hooves of oncoming horses, would surely be proud of how far women and society have come. Woman can now vote, have the right to own property and decide about abortions, can hold a high and respectable position in the workplace and so much more. Admittedly there are still gaps in wages and the amount of women in the workplace, particularly in certain professions such as politics and banking, though this gap is most definitely closing. What strikes me most about feminist views on the workplace and women’s careers is that it seems to me, they have not considered some woman prefer to make their home and family their work and are not interested in the high flying careers in the city. And maybe the lower numbers of women in certain professions show a lack of interest from women, instead of definite discrimination. After all, the ratio between men and women in midwifery is a disproportionate amount, yet I do not here men pointing to discrimination? In my opinion, you can only go so far trying to make women equal in the workplace before you start discriminating men, a very fine border I am sure, but is it fair to hire a woman for the sake of keeping feminists happy, over a man who is better suited for the job?

Whilst I do not dare to belittle the work of feminism in the past, for it holds many great triumphs and has shaped our society in a remarkable way, that without, my life certainly, would not be anywhere near the same. However I do sometimes think that instead of trying to put men down and paint them as unjustly superior to defenceless and discriminated women, time would be better spent on dealing with worldwide issues of poverty, disease and starvation, with this movement not needed in such an extreme and powerful way as in the early 20th century, though there is still progress to be made in gender equality. Feminism is still needed to make these changes, so the world is a little bit fairer, however this does not need to be in the extremist ways we often hear about with disruptive resentment. I hope the feminist movement can develop and reform along with current society for otherwise I fear, it will not prove useful for the future of women and equality.