During the second world war, Chiswick, like most areas of London, produced interesting stories and fascinating history.

Chiswick happens to be the first area of London struck with the German V2 Rocket, on Staveley road, on the 8th of September, 1944. Today, you can still go to the site in which the bomb was dropped to read about the people who were killed, including a 3 year old girl, and other details and documents surrounding the V2 Rocket and the specific explosion.

On the same topic, Chiswick has been uncovering unexploded bombs from WW2 in gardens and other places, with new ones being found more often than you would think. These are mostly uncovered during building work, with these bombs being unearthed on accident. 

You can find many stories online by war survivors about Chiswick during the Blitz, painting an image of fire and destruction, a direct contrast to what we see today. These stories are very important to listen to to this day, to see the chaos and destruction that a war can cause to the average civilian.