In a world where more and more at-home businesses seem to be appearing due to the pandemic, it’s not surprising to see the enthusiastic outlook toward them being passed on the younger generations.

A new, rather amusing trend seems to have appeared on social media surrounding Sweets & Candies at school. Those attending these schools show off their stacks of sweets and hordes of Hershey’s, and what they make from it is quite the surprise – various students even making up to £30 a day! A simple search on tiktok or Instagram will provide you with thousands of videos to scroll through, detailing what their days are like and what they have “in stock”.

The only drawback being that most schools do not allow selling or buying of items or foods, so these undercover businesses must remain under the radar.

These laughable exchanges are ones which many can relate to, having witnessed them personally throughout the years in school.

Its not odd to see new items and ideas floating around the internet – much like the recent success of small brownie, dessert & gift businesses, not to mention the “little-moon” craze and searches by many to get their hands on the petite mochi, ice-cream-filled desserts with flavors like creamy coconut, passionfruit & mango + alphonso mango, alongside cutting cakes with glasses and unintentionally creating an increasingly popular way to enjoy a slice of cake in any occasion, perhaps your cake-filled glass will be enjoyed during a socially-distanced picnic, or even a stroll through your local park.