Last month saw the return of many pupils back to schools for the first time in months as the first step on the easing of lockdown roadmap went ahead. Today marks the second step on the easing of lockdown roadmap in England with non-essential shops, gyms, swimming pools, zoos and hairdressers re-opening as well as pubs and restaurants being allowed to serve food and drink outdoors. Thousands of businesses have been hugely affected financially by the coronavirus pandemic and are thrilled to be welcoming the public back again. The second step of the coronavirus pandemic went ahead considering the rapid and successful roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine and the huge reduction in case numbers and death numbers shown across the UK and England.


Hundreds of people were thrilled at the re-opening of many hospitality industries within England today, with some people queuing outside shops early this morning, from as early as half past five this morning. This has sparked a sense of hope to many businesses who have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as has provided a glimmer of hope that their economy could grow quicker than anticipated with a large number of people eager to return to these hospitality industries. Despite the huge number of shops and businesses which unfortunately closed due to the lockdown many have survived and are back welcoming costumers on some much busier high streets today.


Many are thrilled that this huge step may mark the start of some kind of normality returning to England and hopefully no more returns to lockdown. Lockdown has hugely affected everyone, and everyone is eager to get back to some sort of normality and today marks a hugely positive step in the right direction. Despite the excitement today brings, people have been warned to be careful and keep with the same rules of wearing masks, social distancing and sanitising hands to avoid any risk of cases increasing again. Shops, Gyms and other hospitality industries have put in place hand sanitiser stations, one-way systems and social distancing queuing systems to make sure people remain as socially distanced as possible. We hope that today marks the start of some kind of normality returning to England and marks the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic.