YouTuber Morgz shocks the internet with his new documentary - Liam Garlitily / Gunning. 


“I’m going to be myself way more on camera”


Morgan Hudson, or his online persona Morgz, has recently shocked the internet announcing to his audience of 11.5 Million Subscribers that he was going to leave YouTube, two weeks ago, and yesterday released a shocking  twenty four minute documentary on his channel, titled ‘the Real Morgz’ that showed in detail his rise to fame on YouTube.


Morgz is a large YouTuber that was mostly known for making content made for children, this lead to armies of commentary channels making videos on him. These people included Cody Ko (5.4 million subs), Jaackmaate (1.4 million subs), WillNE (4.4 million subs), Memeulous (4.3 million subs), Pyrocynical (4.4 million subs) and even the gargantuan YouTuber Pewdiepie (109 million subs).


Morgz’s last two videos have been very real feeling, shedding his persona of the kid friendly Morgz, and instead talking as his true self. This is in stark contrast to the video uploaded before these two, titled ‘I tested weird VIRAL food combinations ... (Tik Tok edition)’ - this title alone highlights how out of control Morgz’s YouTube persona had become.


But now Morgz is moving on, and his fans and supporters can clearly see a myriad of opportunities for Morgan.