What began as a joke, a virus that many thought would only inhabit china, soon spread out of control and became one of if not the worst pandemic in recent memory. The UK and most of the western world shut down in March, with heavy lockdowns being enforced all across the world in order to try and combat the spread of the virus. Masks were mandated and the infamous toilet paper scenario played out with record high sales of loo rolls being reported. Masks soon became a staple in people’s lives, as did hand sanitizer. Soon after the Western World closed, we began to see a sharp spike in Italy, with many dying alongside an increase in infections. Yet, despite this we saw moments of joy in what should have been the darkest of times, we saw many (socially distanced) singing in town squares, neighbourhoods lighting up with music and helping alleviate the depressed moods billions across the globe. We then began to see an easing to the restrictions, and life tried to get back to what it once was, but the pent-up energy that many had, the floodgates. A second wave, third for some countries swept the world, once again causing a tightening of liberties and changing the way on which we live. Yet after a roller-coaster of a year, we are now beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope with many vaccines beginning to roll out and many countries liberally using them, we may soon see an end to the dark days of our past.