As a term riddled with uncertainty comes to an end, students around the country look forward to the Easter holidays. Whilst this period is traditionally synonymous with the beginning of the exam season and teachers have set lots of work to complete, this Easter will certainly feel far more rewarding than any other.

The spring term has definitely been chaotic. The last ten weeks – an annoying mixture of remote and face-to-face learning – have been difficult for both students and teachers. The ambiguity surrounding GCSEs and A-Levels has only worsened this by stockpiling pressure onto them.

The Easter holidays will provide an invaluable period of rest, not only allowing pupils to prepare for their upcoming exams but also to recover from what has been an especially stressful term. In spite of this looming pressure of exams, Easter promises a well-deserved break that could not have come at a better time (well, perhaps earlier!).

Alexander Chopra, a sixth-form student at Wilson’s School, agreed that “the Easter break is a welcome opportunity for rest”, to re-energise and prepare for an even busier summer, “now that there appears to be a hopeful sense of certainty”.

With the measures taken against the pandemic beginning to loosen, the future seems ever-brighter. The ‘Rule of 6’ – introduced on March 29th – has made the transition into the summer term even more managable, with the eased COVID-19 restrictions inviting more gatherings between friends and families.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Easter or not, there is no denying the practical value of the end of term. It is a chance to replenish, revitalise and hopefully relax, which we certainly deserve.