The super straight pandemic.


The alt-right are back at it again, using their logic and reason to ‘own’ arguments online and within their communities.

 Super-straight is the new trend in sexuality, usually abbreviated to SS, where a straight person will ‘come out’ as super-straight in order to proclaim their avoidance and invalidating of mainly trans-women. Their ‘sexuality’ revolves around the fact that they are only attracted to cis-women, (though the people using the term super-straight use differing language such as ‘real-women’ when referring to trans-women). The argument on the validity of super-straight existence is drawn between those criticizing it pushing that the idea of being super-straight is transphobic and those defending it theorizing that if LGBTQ+ people can ‘make up’ sexualities, then so can they.

The trend started from a Tik Tok user Kyleroyce who says he, "made a new sexuality," he goes on to say, "Straight men get called transphobic because I wouldn't date a trans woman. Now, I'm super straight. I only date the opposite gender, women, that are born women. So you can't say I'm transphobic now because that is just my sexuality". His thoughts here are plain to see, ‘beat them at their own game’. The thinking behind the logic shows the ignorance behind the trend; Kyle’s point revolves around the point that his preference invalidates trans identities and should be the working thinking for all. By reducing gender identity to how one can ‘pass’, (a term used to reflect how one would be seen by others, here referring to ‘passing’ as male or female.), Kyle and the thousands of others who support him show their transphobia; their inability to distinguish between preference and sexuality leaving them to cling to their fragile sense of straightness. To them a passing trans women, one who one could not tell was born male and by result looks no different to a cis-woman, is suddenly hugely different from a biologically female woman. They play into

The other, fully terrible, part of the super-straight movement is a front for neo-Nazi and anti LGBTQ+ activity. Clearly seen where, on the board site 4Chan, the board members discussed creating and sharing memes about being super straight to "drive a wedge" within LGBTQ communities and "use the left's tactics against themselves, call them bigots for not accepting super straights,"; quotes from deleted twitter and current 4Chan posts. More twitter posts are quoted using hashtags such as, “superstraightwomenarerealwomen” a clear play on “transwomenarerealwomen” a hashtag used to promote trans-awareness and acceptance. The abbreviation of super-straight, SS, is a clear play on The SS, (Y’know, the Nazi ones); people are using their ‘sexuality’ as a way to “become the new SS”, (another quote from 4Chan as seen in the thumbnail for this article).

The super-straight movement is an issue. The people behind it are malicious and destructive to the LGBTQ+ community. They should not be humoured and mention, in seriousness, of being super-straight should raise red-flags towards the person claiming it.