The restaurant scene in Richmond Upon Thames is thriving, with 3 restaurants receiving stars and others being mentioned in the Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide is an annually published guide to restaurants and hotels in more than a dozen countries. It is run by the French tyre company 'Michelin' and was originally created as a handbook for drivers that informed them of good places to stay along their journey. A Michelin Star is the top honour that any restaurant could be awarded and drastically changes the success of a restaurant.

The Dysart in Petersham and the Glasshouse in Kew both received a Michelin star for high-quality cooking, with the former retaining its star from the previous edition of the guide. Both restaurants are long-standing (The Dysart was built in the 1900s and the Glasshouse has been open for 20 years), have a homely vibe and focus on satisfying, bold flavours and ingredient-led menus.

Petersham Nurseries received a green star from Michelin. They were recognised for their environmentally sourced produce and ecological ethos. It's a family business that's been open since 1997 and is definitely worth a visit.

Steven Edwards Bingham Riverhouse, Chatora and Victoria were also mentioned in the Michelin Guide, meaning they are some of the top restaurants in Richmond and worth a stop.