Dealing with pressure can make you underperform. But dealing with pressure can also make your performance better. Pressure can come in many different forms where one will not feel comfortable in their situation.

For example, when an actor is doing an audition for a role, they only have one chance to prove themselves. The actor would have practiced on many occasions prior to the audition, where they would feel comfortable with what they are presenting. However, the audition adds pressure to their performance where they can easily falter.

Another example where one must deal with pressure is when a musician is recording their music in the studio. Similarly to an actor, a musician has practiced before they have entered the recording studio. But when the red light turns on, indicating the start of the recording, the musician will feel pressured to not make any mistakes.

The feeling of being under pressure is also what enables competitiveness in various sports, and it is the thing that improves an athlete’s performance. In a race a competitor will feel the pressure from the other competitors in the race and it will henceforth intensify their focus and determination. People handle pressure differently and it is the ones that remain calm and focused, rather than panicked, that will receive the better outcomes.