Cycling as a hobby is beneficial in more ways than you may think. Firstly there is an obvious health related upside as it is a very effective form of exercise. An average person will burn around 300 calories per hour cycling and improves cardiovascular fitness greatly. However, some people doubt the effectiveness of cycling and often compare it to running. Although during running you may burn more calories per hour and may have a greater impact on your cardiovascular fitness; cycling can be done for a longer period of time on average and also puts less strain on your joints and knees as many people may suffer from joint pain.

Cycling is even better in lockdown as many people arnet travelling or allowed to travel, roads can be more free of cars making cycling a more enjoyable experience. Another reference to the cycling vs running debate is that whilst cycling you can travel much further and can explore areas that were possibly unknown to you previously. Runners are often restricted to a smaller area and find it hard to find different, more challenging routes.

Another beneficial factor to consider is the mental impact of cycling. Many people, especially those who live alone, have suffered mental issues over lockdown. Doing exercise or even going outside can help with these issues, cycling covers both of these making it an effective way to improve both your mental and physical state of wellbeing.