With December right around the corner and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playing on every radio station, you may feel it’s time to dust off the old Christmas decorations and hang up your stockings for Santa to fill – fingers crossed not with coal. However, for some residents of the UK present giving and Christmas cookies aren’t the only things on their minds. With the Christmas spirit seemingly hollow with the ever untimely virus looming over our heads, what will the festive season look like this year?


For this holiday season, families across the UK are able to form bubbles with two other households from the 23rd to the 27th of December. Within this five-day period, there are no travel restrictions and members of the bubbles can mix indoors in private homes and places of worship as well as stay overnight in said private homes. You are allowed to meet people outside of your bubbles outdoors, but only in line with the rules of the tier you are living in, and in the case of self-isolation, it is not necessary for those who you are sharing a Christmas bubble with. 


On the matter of bubble size, the Scottish government has stated that the Christmas bubbles should contain no more than eight people. However, England, Wales and Northern Ireland have given no limit to the size of the bubbles, only inferring they should be as small as possible. For university students, students and parents alike will be glad to hear that they are allowed to return home in an early December travel window from campus.


Unfortunately, even with the strength of millions of people moving the Christmas spirit along this holiday season, coronavirus stops for no-one and thus, many rules around self-isolating still stand. For example, even in bubbles you cannot go to a pub or restaurant and if you have symptoms of the virus or are self-isolating in the given five-day period, then you are forbidden from joining anyone’s bubble.