Every day it becomes more and more apparent that unless we make drastic changes to our current lifestyles, the well-being and future of the Earth is at stake. Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60% in the last 40 years (Living Planet Report), as well as carbon emissions from energy use rising at the fastest rate since 2011 (BP’s world energy study). However an eco friendly, energy conserving light bulb can light up this darkness, in the form of a student group lead by science teacher Mrs Jansz known as the Eco Squad, illuminating and tackling environmental problems at LEH.

LEH Eco Squad has taken on many new initiatives in the past few years, such as reducing the amount of waste, increasing the number of recycling bins, selling reusable water bottles to replace plastic disposable bottles and planning for a Living Wall outside the school. Dozens of different species of plants are set to make up this wall, absorbing much of the CO2 from the car park, contributing to the mass effort to make LEH carbon neutral in the foreseeable future, but unfortunately these plans have been delayed due to COVID-19.  However in the immediate future, Eco Squad is planning their contribution to the ‘LEH 12 Days Of Giving’, encompassing a small explanation of the work Eco Squad does, as well as ideas of Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts that can be given this year, detailing the instructions for making your own fun Christmas bath-bombs.

When asked what she liked about Eco Squad and why she thought it was important, the leader of the group Mrs Jansz, replied saying ‘it is a joy to work with the Eco Squad to find changes we can all make, but it is simple-cut down on waste in your life to be a thoughtful and responsible tenant on Earth.’ Many members of the Eco Squad share a similar passion for helping the environment, with Alexandra Morgan explaining that ‘Eco Squad is amazing to be a part of. To be part of a group that is making a difference to the environment feels really fulfilling.’

There is still a long way for the Eco Squad to go, as over £600 are spent on electricity alone in school every single day, and more recycling can take place to eradicate the mountains of rubbish piling up in various classrooms across the school. However excellent progress has already taken place which will only continue with time as the school works tirelessly to become carbon neutral.