This time last year in a covid free world, the climate change activists Extinction Rebellion permeated our daily headlines by taking eye opening action around the world to raise awareness that ‘the house is on fire’ and criticising the government for ignoring the fact. Since the world was absorbed by the pandemic, climate change has been somewhat swept under the rug but even as temperatures drop as we go into winter, pressures to reverse the climate crisis are still rising.

As we spent more time at home, we all saw how the lack of people moving around in fossil fuel emitting vehicles dramatically decreased the pollution in the atmosphere and gave us a taste of how we can reverse the climate crisis. Extinction rebellion still tried to take passive action on the climate crisis and used virtual platforms like the majority of the world to bring attention to this dramatic issue. In their most recent newsletter, images of protesters in India are presented wearing masks in a blockade outside of the national oil company ENI showing their dedicated following that just because our lives are on pause, the climate crisis isn't.

Although the methodologies of the movement are not wildly popular among the public, mainly due to the extreme tactics which make most of the public uncomfortable and sometimes aggravate them, we are still reminded of our civil duty to protect the planet. A little goes a long way, and if everyone takes a leaf out of Extinction Rebellion’s book, could we reverse the climate crisis?