In a year for the history books for all the wrong reasons is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it even more doom and gloom to close out a horrific year?


As we can all agree 2020 has not been the year of happiness and prosperity we were hoping for, in fact it has been quite the opposite due to Covid-19, where everyone in the UK was trapped in their houses like fish in a tank for almost six months. However, as we approach Christmas, we begin to wonder will it be anywhere near the same as usual; a time where families come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus with food and presents or will we all be celebrating by ourselves in a Christmas lockdown.


Well I have good news for you as the Government have announced that at Christmas the Covid-19 restrictions will be eased to allow people to mix with other households. Across the UK people will be able to form bubbles of three households over a five-day period from 23rd to 27th of December. However, what happens if your usual Christmas family get together consists of more than three household, let’s say four. Are you just supposed to tell that extra household you’re not allowed to come? Or are you supposed to break the law and have four households around? 


So this has caused lots of upset with one person going to Twitter and saying: “ absolutely outraged Christmas 2020 RUINED” another tweet said: “ I can go to school and mix with hundreds of households yet I can only see three of my families households at Christmas how does that make sense?” Both these tweets show the outrage of the general public to these new guidelines. So, the question is, will these guidelines be relaxed and changed for Christmas or will they stay the same?


Have a great Christmas and New Year, enjoy yourselves while sticking to the guidelines and stay safe!